ED is also caused due to excess of Cholesterol Levels

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ED is also caused due to excess of Cholesterol Levels

Postby Piper on Wed May 05, 2010 11:16 am

The cholesterol levels in the body influences the erection mechanism adversely. The more levels of the cholesterol in the body are often the signal of erection problems in the men. The cholesterol intake in the body must be lowered in order to stay away from the erection problems. Previously high cholesterol levels in the body were linked to the cardiovascular health problems, but now recently as per latest survey the impotence problem in men is being linked to the cholesterol levels in the person. It has been noted that about 60% of the men with high cholesterol levels suffer with the impotence problem. This study was conducted by the University of the Iowa, Department of Sexual Health Studies. The study is still not entirely confirmed, but research scientists are absolutely sure that cholesterol causes impotence in some cases.

The study included about 310 men from different age group that were suffering with the problem of the high cholesterol levels. Some were even those who have even faced the heart attack issues due to the high cholesterol levels. The overall body checkout of these men was carried out. Then they were put for the questionnaire in which they were asked about their sex life. It was noted during the study that about 195 men were noted to suffering with either temporary of permanent erectile dysfunction. It included both young as well as old men. Thus, it was clear from the study that men with high cholesterol levels have double the chances of suffering with the erectile dysfunction.
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