Stronger Erections Hard to Come by With Poundland’s Nooky

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Stronger Erections Hard to Come by With Poundland’s Nooky

Postby admin on Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:40 am

The country gasped in disbelief earlier this week with the news that insanely popular budget high street chain Poundland were now stocking £1-a-pack ‘Viagra-like’ capsules for men and women.

Disbelief is perhaps justified, with further inspection of the libido-boosting “all natural” herbal capsules – humorously given the name ‘Nooky’ – quickly uncovers they are nothing remotely like Pfizer’s Viagra. Although advertised on the box as an “energy-enhancing pill”, the following “stay strong” description is rather conspicuous in what it implies.

It is worth bearing in mind that Viagra is actually a licensed and medically acknowledged treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) that has been prescribed to men for almost 20 years, containing an active ingredient called sildenafil, which increases blood flow to the penis.
What’s Inside Nooky?

The suggested dose of Nooky is 2 capsules, of which contains 200mg of amino acid L-arginine. Particularly popular with gym-goers, L-arginine is converted intro nitric oxide, aiding endurance and muscle conditioning. However, when nitric oxide is released, it widens the blood vessels by relaxing the muscles of their walls.

That sounds all well and good, but 200mg is five times less the dose most men commonly take (1000mg) either before going to the gym or erm, going to bed! When discussing L-arginine, Arthur R. Crowley, MD commented: “The body uses this amino acid to make a substance called nitric oxide (NO) that dilates blood vessels to improve blood circulation. This is believed to be how L-arginine can help increase blood flow to the penis, allowing a firmer erection.

“In one study, it seemed as though using a low dose of L-arginine (500mg three times a day) was no better than taking a placebo (sugar pill). However, this dose was effective in men with low levels of NO. The benefit was seen in approximately 6 weeks of treatment.”

So it seems you have to be taking 1500mg of L-arginine each day and keep it up for 6 weeks of treatment before seeing the full benefits with regards to erectile dysfunction.

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