Nurse suspended booking boyfriend into A&E for Viagra

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Nurse suspended booking boyfriend into A&E for Viagra

Postby admin on Tue Aug 15, 2017 3:25 pm

A senior nurse who supplied cocaine to a colleague’s partner and booked her boyfriend into Weston General Hospital’s A&E to get him a prescription of Viagra has been suspended for her ‘deplorable’ and ‘dishonest’ actions.

Nurse Gail Fallon admitted lying to colleagues in a bid to get her boyfriend a supply of Viagra and giving a colleague’s partner cocaine at a work’s Christmas party.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has just completed a misconduct hearing where Ms Fallon was suspended from practicing for three months.

Ms Fallon worked as a band seven senior nurse practitioner – which is one of the most advanced nursing roles available – for Weston Area Health NHS Trust.

On September 28, 2015, she booked her boyfriend into Weston’s A&E department and got a doctor to write a prescription for eight tablets of Viagra, a drug usually prescribed by a GP to treat male impotence.

The NMC report says Ms Fallon’s colleagues became suspicious when they saw her boyfriend had only been booked into A&E for two minutes, and reported it to the matron on duty.

The panel was told Ms Fallon’s actions were ‘dishonest’ and ‘inexcusable’ and would be deemed ‘deplorable’ by fellow medical professionals.

The Trust cancelled the prescription before the Viagra could be collected.

Ms Fallon admitted four misconduct charges; arranging for her boyfriend to be booked into A&E when he was not a patient, inappropriately obtaining a Viagra prescription for him from a colleague, acting dishonestly, and supplying a class A drug.

The fourth charge related to Ms Fallon giving a colleague’s partner cocaine at a work Christmas party in 2014. The report says the person joked they needed cocaine to cope with the venue’s music, and she told them they could have what was in her handbag.

The NMC was represented by Tasmin Ryder during the hearing, and she said Ms Fallon’s actions would be ‘deemed deplorable by fellow professionals’.

The report adds: “Your actions… were inherently dishonest and were inexcusable given your position as an experienced senior nurse and the fact they were motivated by personal gain.”

Ms Fallon was represented by Thomas Buxton during the hearing who spoke about personal circumstances in Ms Fallon’s life, which have not been made public. Instead the report says Ms Fallon – who now works at a nursing home – is ‘no longer subject’ to the same ‘personal pressures’.

Weston hospital’s director of nursing Helen Richardson said Ms Fallon was fired after an investigation, and added: “Her behaviour falls well below professional standards expected of a nurse.”

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