Erectile Dysfunction Risk Higher for Men with Diabetes

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Erectile Dysfunction Risk Higher for Men with Diabetes

Postby admin on Tue Aug 01, 2017 3:28 pm

Not only do fizzy drinks cause weight gain, but they could also affect your sex lives too, namely resulting in men experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED).

Research has discovered that generally men consume significantly more soft drinks than their female counterparts and this could be impacting their ability to sustain an erection.

The research assessed sugar in the pathogenesis of the disease, finding that fizzy drinks have disastrous metabolic consequences, hindering the whole physiological foundation required for a good quality erection.

The incredibly high sugar content in fizzy drinks can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes when the drinks are consumed on a regular basis, and diabetes has often been associated with male impotence.

With 1 in every 10 men estimated to suffer with erectile dysfunction, and more people around the country living unhealthy lifestyles that brings on diabetes, clearly there are issues to be addressed.

Diabetic Medicine has published the new research into diabetes, analysing the information obtained from 88,577 men with an average of 56 whom had completed 145 studies.

Those with diabetes are apparently thrice as likely to also be suffering with erectile dysfunction compared to the healthier blokes. In fact, 59% of the men with diabetes also had problems with getting and sustain an erection...

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