Viagra-laced Stents May Stop Arterial Blood Clotting

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Viagra-laced Stents May Stop Arterial Blood Clotting

Postby admin on Tue Aug 01, 2017 3:12 pm

Will the wonders of miracle anti-impotence drug Viagra never cease? It seems barely a month goes by without researchers discovering another potential health benefit that could be derived from the popular ‘little blue pill’.

In March, Medical Specialists® Pharmacy reported how Viagra could be a life saver, decreasing the risk of death by as much as 33% following a heart attack. The Swedish study noted “If you have an active sex life after a heart attack, it is probably safe to use PDE5 inhibitors. This type of erectile dysfunction treatment is beneficial in terms of prognosis, and having an active sex life seems to be a marker for a decreased risk of death.”

Then again, the drug, known as its generic name ‘sildenafil’ at the time, was initially developed way back in 1989 as a possible treatment for high blood pressure and angina pectoris. The latter is a condition that causes chest pain due to restricted blood flow to the heart. It was only after test subjects in clinical trials reported markedly improved erections, that scientists realised they could use sildenafil to treat erectile dysfunction, especially after the trials proved it had little use for heart disease treatment.

We now come to the latest discovery with Viagra, with researchers in South Korea finding that the erectile dysfunction treatment may help in preventing potentially deadly blood clots in adults who have previously had a stent fitted.

What is a stent?

A stent is a wired mesh tube that is inserted into a blockage, keeping the artery open by acting as a scaffold. The primary aim is of course to prevent heart attacks from occurring...

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