ED is also caused by smoking

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ED is also caused by smoking

Postby Piper on Fri Jun 25, 2010 6:47 am

Smoking causes erectile dysfunction. Smokers please note that smoking not only damages your heart but also hampers your sex life. Before few years no one would have believed that smoking can cause erectile dysfunction. Today it is proved by the research that smoking makes you prone to erectile dysfunction and reduces your appetite for sex.

Erectile dysfunction and Smoking are related. Smoking has many ill effects on your body and one of them is atherosclerosis. In atherosclerosis a plaque is build on the inner walls of the arteries (blood vessels), which supply oxygen-rich blood to the heart, legs, brain, and penis. As the plaque is deposited it leads to less blood supply to the all parts of the body. Hence, erectile dysfunction is caused when less amount of blood is supplied to the penis.

Asthma is one of diseases caused by smoking. Asthma reduces your stamina considerably makes your heart weak. Erectile dysfunction is caused when you are not able to hold the erection for sufficient time, as your stamina is reduced you fail to hold erections for longer time and become prone to erectile dysfunction.

Smoking in some individuals even leads to weight gain which can further lead to the obesity. Erectile dysfunction is observed in majority of obese men. Blood pressure is one of the effects of smoking. If a person suffers from blood pressure he may have a less amount of blood supplying to the penis and finally could lead to the erectile dysfunction. Smoking also leads to the hardening of the arteries which reduces the penile blood flow and cause erectile dysfunction.

A study was conducted in United States, which showed the tremendous results that 60% smokers were suffering from erectile dysfunction. So, if you are smoker and not able to perform in bed, here are the answers.
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